Relationship Pact

The IFMA-Northern Illinois Executive Committee firmly believes that IFMA can be a valuable vehicle for business networking, and that networking is most beneficial when conducted in a professional and respectful manner. Please consider the following guidelines when attending IFMA sponsored events.

  • Introduce yourself freely to other members of the association, whether they are professional members or associate members. The goal is to be courteous and respectful when conversing with our professional members.

  • Building relationships with other members is important for our individual professions, as well as for the overall association. Asking questions and listening to others is the key to establishing these connections. We strongly urge our professional and associate members to interact and utilize resources and services within our organization, but please do so in an appropriate manner.

  • Relationships should develop through communication at meetings. The IFMA membership list should not be leveraged to gain access into professional members' organizations.

  • Conversation and networking is encouraged among all members and guests.  If in the course of conversation there is mutual agreement that an exchange of business cards would be mutually beneficial, please feel free to do so.  Business cards should not be distributed unsolicited or in large quantities, such as leaving multiple cards on tables.

  • Networking is a two way street. Professional members are encouraged to be receptive to associate members.  Professional members can gain information from associate members and vice-versa. We must work together to ensure our chapter is a cohesive unit.

  • Take the initiative to greet guests at events. You do not have to be on the membership team to do this job.  Greeting guests will give you the chance to meet new people, make others feel welcome, and represent the association well. However, unwarranted solicitation is not condoned. We want all of our guests to feel comfortable at our events. Please use your best discretion in this regard.

  • We encourage our members to bring guests to our sponsored events; but please remember that the goal is for our guests to join our organization. Please inform your guests of our relationship pact prior to the scheduled event. If they are a potential associate member, it is critical they adhere to our guidelines.  If your guest is a potential professional member, all of our associate members are encouraged to be respectful, and refrain from unwarranted solicitation. We want potential members to feel comfortable within our chapter.

  • All speakers for sponsored events should present subject content in an informative manner. Speakers are welcome to make products or services known to the chapter, but must do so in a general, non-sales pitch format.

  • All cell phones should be silenced (or on vibrate) during programs, presentations or any IFMA sponsored events. To avoid distracting the presenter/speaker, if possible, please return calls during a break or after the speaker and/or presentation has concluded.

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